Alumni and Past Members

Venkatesh Vinyakarao

Ph.D., 2013-September 2018

Link to the thesis:

Venkatesh worked with Dr. Rahul Purandare. His research was supported by the prestigious Prime Minister's Fellowship. He joined IIIT Sricity as an Assistant Professor after his Ph.D.

Contact: venkateshv AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Samit Anwar

M.Tech., 2013-2015

Current involvement - Working as Software Engineer at Citrix R&D India Pvt. Ltd.

Contact: samit1274 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Ambreen Bashir

M.Tech., 2012-2014

Current involvement - Assistant Professor at NIT Srinagar

Contact: ambreen1233 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Aritra Dhar

M.Tech., 2013-2015

Current involvement - Ph.D. Student at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Contact: aritra.dhar7 AT gmail DOT com

Yogesh Kumari

M.Tech., 2014-2016

Current involvement -

Contact: yogesh1432 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Kapish Malik

M.Tech., 2015-2017

Current involvement - Working as a software engineering in Endurance International Group

Contact: kapish15026 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in


M.Tech., 2014-2017

Sangeeth worked with Dr. Purandare from IIIT Delhi and Dr. Nelisson and Dr. Pereira from  CISTER Research group, ISEP - Portugal. He studied safety critical systems from Runtime Monitoring perspective. 

Current involvement - PhD candidate in Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

Contact: sangeeth1455 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Sai Prathik S.B.

Research Associate, August 2017- March, 2018 

Prathik worked as a Research Assistant under Dr. Purandare. He is a graduate with B.E.(Hons) in Computer Science from BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus.  His interests lie in the intersection of Program Analysis and Security.

Current Involvement: Will be joining Carnegie Mellon University, as MS student, in August 2018

Contact: saip AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Garvita Allabadi

B.Tech., 2012-2016

Current involvement - Microsoft, India

Contact: garvita12133 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Ayush Goel

B.Tech., 2012-2016

Current involvement - IBM Research Labs, Delhi

Contact: ayush12029 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in 

Gurshabad Grover

B.Tech., 2013-2017

Current involvement: 

Contact: gurshabad13038 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Saumya Jain

B.Tech., 2012-2016

Current involvement - Application Developer, Directi

Contact: saumya12089 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Vedanshi Kataria

B.Tech., 2012-2016

Current involvement - Cube26

Contact: vedanshi12117 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Harkirat Singh Lamba

B.Tech., 2012-2016

Current involvement - EMC Corporation, Bangalore

Contact: harkirat12039 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in

Shivam Thukral

B.Tech., 2013-2017

Current involvement:  

Contact: shivam13095 AT iiitd DOT ac DOT in 

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