Published Work

Ph.D. Thesis, Vinayakarao V., Code variants and their retrieval using knowledge discovery based approaches.

G Allabadi, A Dhar, A Bashir, and R Purandare, METIS: Resource- and Context-Aware Monitoring of Finite State Properties, RV 2018

D Khanna, S Sharma, C Rodríguez and R Purandare, Dynamic Symbolic Verification of MPI Programs, FM 2018

R Jain, S P S Bama, V Vinayakarao and R Purandare, A Search System for Mathematical Expressions on Software Binaries, MSR 2018

V Vinayakarao, A Sarma, R Purandare, S Jain, and S Jain, ANNE: Improving Source Code Search using Entity Retrieval Approach, WSDM 2017.

S Kochanthara, G Nelissen, D Pereira, R Purandare. REVERT: Runtime Verification for Real-Time Systems, RTSS work-in-progress track 2016.

R Mehra, V Naik, R Purandare and K Malik. KIRKE: Re-engineering of Web Applications to Mobile Apps, MobiQuitous 2016.

S. Kalra, A. Goel, D. Khanna, M. Dhawan, S. Sharma and R. Purandare. "POLLUX: Safely Upgrading Dependent Application Libraries", FSE 2016.

A. Dhar, R. Purandare, M. Dhawan and R. Suresh, "Clotho: Saving Programs from Malformed Strings and Incorrect String-Handling", ESEC/FSE 2015.

Venkatesh Vinayakarao, Rahul Purandare, and Aditya V. Nori. 2015. "Structurally Heterogeneous Source Code Examples from Unstructured Knowledge Sources". PEPM '15.


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