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Partial Order

Imagine you are shopping groceries online. Like any other task, it will have a subtasks to be performed. You will  first  open the shopping website, add the desired stuff in your cart and then finally proceed to make the payment. It is very clear that you cannot make payment without adding all your items to the cart nor can you add items to cart before opening the website. However, you can add items to the cart in any order. Clearly, there is an ordering between a few events and a few events are independent of each other.

AT&T vs. Intel

Assembly language is a low level programming language for your computer or any other programmable devices. Program written in human understandable language such as C and C++ are compiled in to assembly language which is more understandable by microprocessors. However, there are several acceptable assembly syntaxes.

Software Binary Analysis

Software Binaries are nothing but compiled executables of your program written in a programming language. When you pass the program as a text file with a certain extension (for example, .cpp or .c) to its respective compiler you get the executable, which is nothing but the binary. Simply, these files are something you can not directly read unless disassembled. The term binary means  a sequence of 0s and 1s which would represent the low and high voltages respectively, but Software Binaries are not comprised of just 0s and 1s but a series of CPU readable numbers.


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