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Seminar talk by Dr. DiptiKalyan Saha

Dr. Diptikalyan Saha visited IIIT-Delhi on September 9th, 2016. He gave a talk on his recent research work titled "ATHENA: An Ontology-Driven System for Natural Language Querying over Relational Data Stores" which was presented in VLDB 2016. Talk is about ATHENA, an ontology-driven system for natural language querying of complex relational databases. Natural language interfaces to databases enable users easy access to data, without the need to learn a complex query language, such as SQL.

Sangeeth and Yogesh convocated

Yogesh and Sangeeth get M.Tech. degrees.

Seminar talk by Dr. Santosh Nagarkatte

On 10th August 2016, Dr. Santosh Nagarakatte delivered a talk on Lightweight Formal Methods for LLVM Verification. Dr. Nagarakatte, an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, primarily conducts research in hardware-software interfaces spanning programming languages, compilers, runtimes, and computer architecture.

Venkatesh successfully defended his comprehensive exam

With the growing volume of information and information needs, technology support to retrieve information has become indispensable. We focus on information retrieval (IR) of a specic type of content, namely, source code. Source code retrieval has attracted the attention of several researchers in the last decade. This research has resulted in several useful applications such as code completion, example search, plagiarism detection, automated feedback for programming assignments, feature location, and bug localization.

Paper titled "POLLUX: Safely Upgrading Dependent Application Libraries" accepted in FSE2016

Sukrit Kalra, Ayush Goel, Dhriti Khanna under the guidance of Dr. Mohan Dhawan (IBM-IRL), Dr. Subodh Sharma (IIT-D), and Dr. Rahul Purandare co-authored the paper titled “POLLUX: Safely Upgrading Dependent Application Libraries” which is accepted for publication in the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE 2016).

Yogesh Kumari defends her M.Tech Thesis

Abstract: Providing feedback to all the students individually, for a programming assignment is a very tedious and error-prone task and can take a lot of instructor's


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